When in Rome…

Oh yeah, nearly forgot about Rome. Hm.

Well, my first evening was not so great. I decided I’d head to the Colosseum which I’m into. I was amazed by it… but then I realized I had no other plans. I didn’t like my pizza dinner, and then was followed by a somewhat creepy Albanian (but Italian speaking) guy who wouldn’t leave me alone. Sigh.

The next day was a bit better, as I headed to the Vatican City, did the city sights – St Peter’s Basilica (with the remains of that Peter, as in the one who knew Jesus type Peter. Which is pretty intense), St Peter’s Square, the Vatican Museums – including the Sistine Chapel (very cool, but different than I expected), and – maybe my favourite because it added especially well to my travel collection – the post office. I’m collecting stamps from all of the countries I go to, to stick in my travel journal. A nice souvenir.

That night I did a pub crawl (er… I followed a pub crawl with one of my roommates without actually joining and paying the 20 Euro. That’s a bit much!) with a bunch of cool people who were also all fired up about Rome, and got fired up myself.

The next day I tried to do the walking tour… but had another money incident, and decided against it. Since it was pricey. Instead I did my own walking tour (out of my Rick Steves again), his “night walk” which was my “afternoon walk”, and I visited sites like the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Nice walk, which when it started raining I ended in the Spanish Steps Mcdonald’s, which was apparently one of the most glorious and big in the world… hm. And, yes, it was basically decorated as a Roman temple, with all marble and statues of people in togas, and fresh plants growing everywhere. Interesting.

The next day…. I went to Florence for the afternoon. Surprise! (I was picking up my Mastercard from a friend I had sent it to there)… but I chatted with him a bit, and hit the big German festival for some crepes (yep, random). I also checked out the fake David and other statues in one main square, checked out the Duomo and its bell tower, and the Ponte Vecchio (famous “old bridge” lined with ridiculously expensive jewellery shops)…. and then… I fell off the sidewalk (a regular occurrence for me), but this time I was unlucky and landed with the side of my foot between 2 cobblestones, and CRACK went my ankle.

I made it back to Rome for the night somehow after dinner, and figured out that my ankle was really and truly sprained. A bad one too. The next day I did my planned walking tour of the Colosseum anyway because I’m crazy… (slowly, with my special sock brace, and painkillers) – but skipped the other archaeological sites of the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. I had already seen them from the railings at least!

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2 thoughts on “When in Rome…

  1. Teresa

    How’s the ankle holding up thru Spain and France?

  2. traveljess

    Ahh… well you see it Spain it was still pretty bad. In France, Im still wearing my support thing, but the bruising has gone down a lot and the swelling is almost gone!

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