Jess has a lot of beer and sleeps with 200 people – Munich

Despite having my wallet stolen, Munich was a lot of fun! Well I should really say Oktoberfest was a lot of fun, since I really didn’t see anything of Munich other than the Theriesenwiesen (that’d be the Oktoberfest grounds), and my hostel, The Tent. I planned to…but despite staying an extra night due to previously discussed incidents (i.e. my wallet being stolen, and needing to wait for my Mastercard to arrive), I didn’t!

To start, I’ll explain my hostel: it was indeed a giant tent, at a campground with personal tents too, with about 200 bunks in it. So, yes, one of my roommates probably stole my wallet (from out from under my bed while I went to the bathroom in the night. My own stupid fault? Partially). But they also do a campfire every night (unless it rains, which it did 2 of the nights I was there), and a delicious breakfast (you pay for what you take), and the price was super low. But.. it was colder than I had planned! They gave me 3 big thick wool blankets, and despite the tent being “heated” ( apparently giant tents don’t take too well to piped in heat), I slept in about 10 layers of clothes, including my coat and gloves. But… it had a great atmosphere, and it was easy to meet people! Lots of fun.

On my first night I planned to have a tea at the campfire and then go to sleep (ridiculously early – note, at this point I was ridiculously sick), but then I met some cool people and ended up staying at the campfire for another 4 hours or so.

Monday morning I felt decent enough to head to the tents. (The Oktoberfest tents that is!), and I tried to meet up with a couple of girls I had met in London or my CouchSurfing meetup, which were arranged for the same time and same place. Instead… I ended up alone (some confusion here or there I think), so I bravely headed to the Hofbrau tent (not to be confused with the Hofbrau beergarden which is around year-round in Munich), which I had heard was the “crazy tourist tent”, and I hoped to see people I knew.

I nearly immediately found people, 2 American guys and a group of Aussies I had met at The Tent (hostel)… and ended up hanging around with them, 2 Italians, a Belgian, 2 guys actually from Munich (who were the most extreme guys I had pretty much ever met, and preceded anything they said – especially Prost (“Cheers”) with “Mother£$%ing”), and a Kenyan (who I most definitely sang the song “Where can you find lions? Only in Kenya” to).

Tuesday my Couchsurfing meetup succeeded (due to good prior planning), and I met up with Carlos from Mexico and Dimago from Israel, and we hit the Lowenbrau tent (with a giant lion that roared “LOWENBRAU” outside), and then the Paulaner tent where we sat with a bunch of cool Germans around our age. Dimago suddenly became a magician, with some very impressive tricks (like he “loses” a coin and it appears under somebody else’s watch band), and afterwards it was time for seeing the fest outside the tents – playing some games, eating some soft ice cream…. but not going on any rides!

Wednesday was my personal D-day. Or Day of Death, when I discovered my wallet was taken and dealt with it all day.

Thursday though, instead of moving on to my next location, I was waiting for my Mastercard. Luckily, there were 2 Aussie guys, Matt & Lloyd, at the Tent that I had met back in Berlin, so I decided to follow them  join them at the Fest. We did a bit of tent hopping, a bit of food eating, and then met up with some other Aussies, after which I promptly got lost, and met some nice American armed forces types as well.

Hm.. other than the celebrations, not too much in Munich. Not even for the eating part! I had soft ice cream from the fest pretty much every day, but my appetite was so off (note: I was sick the entire time I was in Munich), I didn’t really have dinner, other than some awesome “happy pig stew”  back at The Tent (hostel). Sausages and fish sandwiches (apparently the core of the Oktoberfest diet) really didn’t have any appeal… so I didn’t eat them.

But… no worries…. I won’t waste away, because I’ve made it to Italy, where the food is as good as they say. Stay tuned for more of me talking about the food. Next episode: Venice.

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4 thoughts on “Jess has a lot of beer and sleeps with 200 people – Munich

  1. Teresa

    Sounds like you didn’t need to eat in Munich, all the beer must have filled you up. Watch out for open pits which you place your feet on either side of…WC in some parts of Italy. Very gross!
    Sorry to hear about all the credit card nightmares. Looking forward to Venice and try not to fall into any canals or out of nay gondolas!

  2. Heather

    What the heck is happy pig stew? It sounds mean.. eating a happy little pig :(. “where can you find lions only in keennyaaaa”

  3. traveljess

    Yeah, maybe it was just the beer that filled me up 🙂 I have had a lot of luck without falling into anything in Venice, so things are looking good.

    Maybe it is happy pig stew because your belly is happy when you eat it. It was tasty. I had a bread roll on the side.

  4. Rebecca Ann

    I’m finding reading all this and all the pics overwhelming. You will have to show me pics and storytell in person. We’ll have a scrapbooking day and you can tell me all about it. I’m glad your having fun though, the drawbacks suck but I guess it’s part of the journey. HOw are your mom and sis doing? (you can send to my e-mail, this is alot for me)

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