Kropp-tastic, or Jessica’s Great Train Adventure

And… now the great failure in getting to Kropp, in der Nordeustschland (the North of Germany) to visit relatives. I had to take 3 trains and 1 bus to get there, with tight connections between them. Of course, my first train was half an hour late due to a power failure at an earlier station. I kept taking the trains anyway until I came to a halt. There would be no more buses to Kropp that day! So instead of trying to find a place to stay in Hamburg (and also wasting a day on my railpass), I decided to head to my next destination. Berlin. Which is where I currently find myself.

I did end up on my first (nearly empty) train booked in beside someone. But it was a guy around my age, and we quickly found out that – yes – we were both Canadians, and Ontarians, and in fact he was from Guelph. What are the odds. But I was also able to share my VAST KNOWLEDGE of trains (that is an exaggeration), since he had never been on a train, and I had to teach him that there was a snackbar, and that WC meant the bathrooms, and that yes, you were allowed to walk around while the train was moving.

Anyway. Some of you who know my itinerary well may be asking, “Wait, did you skip the Amsterdam blog entry?” Yes I did. But I will write it later. It’s longer than this one, and I didn’t have enough internet time.

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