Anarchy in the UK – London Part 3

Though I find myself in Amsterdam, I’ll share my last couple days in London. As well as the disaster of the day… just as I got the very last thing put into my pack this morning to head out, something caught my baby finger and I was like “ouch.” and pulled it out of the pack, only to realize it was full of blood, and in the very short time it took me to run to the bathroom for cold water and toilet paper to wrap it in, my hand was full of blood. Turns out I pretty much ripped off half my nail. Oops. (I had to run back to the room to borrow a bandaid from one of my roommates, since I couldn’t get at mine with one blood hand). Anyway… onto London.

So.. I started Thursday out with a big sightseeing extravaganza… all of those famous things like Big Ben (and the attached Parliament Buildings), Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and also the London Eye (big Ferris Wheel type thing) and .. .you know, double decker buses and red phone booths. I came, I looked,…. then I left. I didn’t really feel the need to see the insides.

Then I hit up Primark, which had been recommended to me as a super cheap big big store. And so it was. I bought a new tote bag to travel with, because my new towel didn’t fit in my pack.

Dinner was Indian (mm mmm) with a bunch of people from the hostel (some of whom had never really had Indian), and the evening was again it was again a hostel bar night… along with laundry. All at once. Worked out quite well actually.

Friday was mainly a super long visit to the Imperial War Museum, which I just loved. Great set up of the exhibits, and the exhibits themselves were neat. The Holocaust & Crimes Against Humanity Floors were hard hitting, and I really liked the propaganda posters. In fact, I love propaganda posters. I think I need to start a collection of authentic ones. Also, I forgot to mention that the other day at the Tate Modern my favourite room was a room chock full of Red USSR propaganda posters. Excellent.

I also visited the “Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre” for dinner, where I think I was actually the only tourist there. The shops were mostly old-fashioned and tacky, but this seemed like London for Londoners (especially the multi-ethnic Londoners that you hear so much about!)

The evening was pretty quiet as I prepared for another travel day the next day, and I hung out and chatted with Marjorie…

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4 thoughts on “Anarchy in the UK – London Part 3

  1. Heather :)

    Sounds fun Jess. Gross about your nail though. Don’t eat anything like salt and vinegar chips 😐

  2. Ooh.. yeah, good call. Or at least I won’t touch it with the finger.

  3. Jacqueline

    Hey…I lived in a Hostel above a pub at Elephant and Castle for about 3 months when I was there…you are right about it being the “London for Londoners” By the way, this is Jacqueline…Edith’s daughter…Just being snoopy…my mum gave me your blog address…it sounds like you are having a fabulous time! I am so jealous…wish I could re-live my time there!! Have a great rest of your trip!!!

  4. traveljess

    Hey, the more readers the merrier! That’s very neat that you lived at Elephant and Castle. And thanks for the well wishes!

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