This is London

So I was writing my Bath bonanza from here in London, and since I have a bit of time left on my internet, might as well give a little intro.

London transportation = awesome. I almost can’t wait to use the Tube again (yes, it’s that handy and nice.)

The hostel was easy to find — I risked it and went to St Christopher’s Village (same chain as the Bath hostel). Luckily, this one had its bar intact… as well as a rooftop patio with a hot tub, a movie room (with big screen), and activities every day, among other things. I was in.

I’m on the South Bank of the city, in walking distance of the Tate Modern (art gallery), Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and a few other sites that I especially wanted to see.

In the evening, I wandered on down to London Bridge (very close), with a perfect view of Tower Bridge (note: Tower Bridge is the famous one, not London Bridge). I gazed at the Thames flowing by under me, and checked out the skyline. I could make out the Gherkin (its kind of pickle shaped), and just the tippy tops (with penants and all) of the Tower of London behind some trees. Hope to visit there… Wednesday perhaps.

Good night from London.

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One thought on “This is London

  1. Heather :)

    THIS IS SPARTAA.. i mean, london. 😛 😉 Thanks for the cobblestones

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